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The One Project

The One Project is specialized in recycling and upcycling waste. We believe all waste materials are valuable resources that should get a new life. In order to achieve this, we are using a 360° closed loop that fights single-use and aims at expanding the lifespan of waste. 

Our process guarantees traceability at each step, all the way from plastic waste, through the recycling process, to the new products which are delivered back. The 360° circle is a method that guarantees that plastic waste is recycled ethically and locally providing local jobs and helping the local economy.

Because the biggest waste of all,
is wasting it!

Our group works on developing NextGen and disruptive recycling solutions for different parts of the industry. From innovative technology such as the MicroLines or Large-Scale 3D print systems to material transformation in-house for our clients, software development for traceability of recycling efforts, tailor-made waste management plans, or full service concepts for activations and events.



All solutions are modular and can be joined together to help our clients make the most of their green strategy.

Everything started from a material perspective:

To recycle as much material as possible in an environmentally and financially sustainable form.


Not just to recycle it, but with the vision of revalorizing waste. Along the way we found new opportunities that in short; led to our consortium structure.

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Sustainability meets technology

NextGen recycling technology MicroLines

Our innovative new decentralized recycling technology is developed in transportable containers. Completely modular, allowing you to process all ridged plastic types in different runs. Transforming up to 500 KG / hour these lines can be installed on any location and process local waste at the source. Different versions are available depending on your requirements and materials you would like to process.

Large-Scale 3D printing With recycled materials

Colossus Printers was founded by The One Project in 2017 and is an innovative industrial 3D printing company with its core focus on building Large-Scale, application-driven 3D printing systems. The One Project and Colossus remain strong partners and The One Project uses the Large-scale 3D technology to transform recycled materials into beautiful products, showcasing this live on location during activations, or through in-house production. 

Data and
traceability software for material lifecycles

The Rubbish Project is a partnership between two businesses; Rubbish Ideas, a UK-based sustainable design consultancy, and The One project. At heart, we’re passionate environmentalists who believe in following the science to make a real difference. 


To do this we focus on software solutions: The Rubbish Tracker is a tool developed to work completely transparent and closed-loop, accounting for material during its entire lifecycle and providing our clients with actual data on their waste streams, recycling rates, and carbon credits. 

We are still working on the website, but keep checking back as we will be adding more information on these topics very soon!

Strong brand advocates

Some of the clients that have the same vision worked with us to accomplish more with their packaging, recycling of waste streams or production of new objects and products. These are a few of the leading industry names that trusted us and have proven they care.

A glimpse at some projects

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