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3-meter live-painted sculpture

Scope of the Project : Smurf Society's 3-meter Statue, Live Printing and Painting for NFT Paris 2023
The Results: In February 2023, we collaborated with The Smurf Society forNFT Paris, an event that showcased the latest in the Web3 industry. Our teamwas tasked with creating a 3-meter statue using 3D printing technology from recycled materials. This unique statue was later painted live by renowned artist Andre Saraiva during the event.

The finished sculpture was then auctioned off through Rarible, with all proceeds going towards battling ocean plastics. To meet The Smurf Society's objectives, we first built a stand, from start to finish, in the backyard of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. Our team then brought our Colossus Mark II Printer to the stand to print the sculpture live during the event. We used recycled materials to ensure the sculpture was eco-friendly, and worked tirelessly to ensure the printing process went smoothly.After the sculpture was printed, we post-processed it to create a white canvas, which was then handed over to Andre Saraiva to paint live during the event.

Saraiva added his unique touch to the sculpture with his signature style, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that captured the attention of visitors. We are proud to have worked with The Smurf Society and Andre Saraiva to deliver such a unique project. Our team's efforts were instrumental in ensuring the printing process was successful and that the sculpture was post-processed to create the ideal canvas for Saraiva's live painting performance. This collaboration serves as an excellent example of the innovative possibilities that live printing and NFTs can offer to artists and collectors alike.

We were thrilled to have been part of the NFT Paris 2023 event, where we showcased our innovative approach to sustainability alongside The Smurfs' Society. Our team printed live on location using recycled plastics to create unique statues, and we were proud to have brought our transportable print systems, which allowed us to produce on the go and showcase our innovative techniques and products. It was an exciting week, and we were grateful for the opportunity to bring the magic of live 3D printing to a unique location in Paris. We hope our efforts helped inspire others to embrace sustainable practices in their own work.
  • 3-meters tall
  • Post-processed for a smoothe finish
  • 3D-printed with recycled materials
A short word from the client:
"Looking back on NFT Paris 2023, we are proud to have introduced the “Giant Smurf by André” NFT, which was an incredible work of art created by artist André Saraiva. This one-of-a-kind NFT represented a claim to the 3-meter(~137-inch) tall Giant Smurf sculpture, which was painted by the artist during a live performance at the event."
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