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Colossus, a company operating under The One Project holding, shares a strong commitment to building a sustainable future by harnessing the potential of waste and transforming it into valuable resources. While The One Project concentrates on recycling waste streams and pioneering innovative recycling technologies, Colossus specializes in the development of 3D printers and the utilization of recycled material streams in additive manufacturing processes.
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Designs that can not be used or copied directly, but to provide an idea of possibilities.
waste streams
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There are many material possibilities. Here you find a first overview of most used materials.
and support
Our team is an extension of your team. We offer consulting and service packages through a punch card system.

about 3D design

The beauty of 3D models lies in their ability to scale effortlessly. A design that starts as a small decorative item, such as a vase, can be enlarged to become a functional lamp or even a table leg. This scalability opens up a world of possibilities, allowing designers and creators to unleash their imagination and adapt a single design to fit various needs.

The same underlying concept and aesthetics can be maintained while catering to different functional requirements.In addition to their flexibility in scaling, 3D models offer a unique advantage in terms of material selection. By incorporating recycled materials into the manufacturing process, designers can enhance the sustainability and eco­ friendliness of their creations. These recycled materials can be carefully chosen based on their properties, ensuring that the final product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

using 3d designs in multiple ways
This short inspiration catalog showcases the flexibility of 3D printing, adapting to both indoor and outdoor specifications, achieved through the choice of materials. Lightweight and elegant choices such as wood, a paper-filled material, or heavier Carbon filled, are perfect for indoor objects that don't require post-processing.
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3D printing advantages for surface design
One of the advantages of 3D printing is its ability to incorporate surface textures into designs, enhancing their visual appeal and giving them a luxurious appearance. This can be achieved without any increase in print time or weight, thereby avoiding higher production costs as the layer times remain similar.

most popular materials

This is a selection of the most versatile and ordered materials our clients use on a daily basis. The entire range of materials that can be used in 3D printing is way larger with a lot of specials such as special filled materials, bronze, copper filled and even paper filled. While this document provides some material examples, we prefer to work with you to select the best materials that meet your specific application requirements.

Recycled PETg Unified
Indoor and Outdoor
Recycled PETg Carbon
Indoor and Outdoor
Recycled PETg Glassfibre
Indoor and Outdoor
Recycled PE Compounds
Indoor (thydroscopic)
Recycled PLA
Indoor (temperature controlled conditions)
Recycled Hemp fibre
Indoor (temperature controlled conditions)
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Everything started from a material perspective:
To recycle as much material as possible in an environmentally and financially sustainable form.
Our Recycled PETg Carbon is a 15% carbon fiber-reinforced recycled PET-G. Twice as stiff as regular PETg this material is suitable for vase mode furniture applications starting from Nozzle sizes of Smm*.*Smm nozzle has been tested on Colossus for vase mode up to 400 KG.

Strength is dependent on the design and curves in the 3D model. This material is easy to weld and strong for postprocessing purposes therefore most used in art sculptures and multiple-piece prints with welding needs.This material has (almost) no warpage and is very dimensionally stable, making this one of the easiest-to-handle materials for all design types.

When printed it should provide a perfect layer adhesion. The material has increased impact and heat resistance (Vicat) to 75°C. When used outside, the performance is dependent on environmental factors local tests should in any case be done to ensure the best quality. Without coating UV exposure may result in layer cracking over time.
Imagine custom printed one of a kind furniture printed with your own waste.
Printer options
From transportable container-based 3D printers to Robotics we have a full range of options to bring even the most challenging project to life.

colossus mark ii

The Power to Move

This unique Print System, inside a 20ft. container is designed to provide you with unparalleled flexibility and mobility. With your own mini-factory, you can produce large-scale parts in-house or on-location, live print during events, or conduct demonstrations with ease.

Colossus static

The Power to Scale

The Static series is ideal if you don't require transportability but prefer to have the printer installed in one location. Stable printing quality due to high-quality gantry and linear technology. Easily scalable to your size requirements and prints with normal gantry style or under a 45-degree angle.
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colossus robotic

The Power of Robotics

For some specific applications, Robotic printers are preferred over gantry systems. The difference between a robotic printer and a gantry printer is more than just the axis, it is the entire way you print.
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Are you looking to take your project to the next level? We're ready to help you make it a reality.

Let's work together to create something we can be proud of next year.
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Print time calculator
With your 3D printer, you get free supported slicing licenses from Colossus for Simplify 3D. Once you import a 3D model into your slicer and give it your preferred print settings, this will provide you with an indication of print time and material (KG).

Every operator or printer owner is flexible to set its own prices. But it can be difficult to set a price, without knowing your costs. Therefore we provide a simple to use calculating tool, to calculate your costs of production and insert a margin of your preference.

This way you can easily play around with the files until you have the correct and desired project price.
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Welcome to your future team!
As Colossus and The One Project, we are an extension of all of our clients when it comes to designs, printing, and material development .Our team is an extension of your team. No problem will be faced alone. For this we offer consulting and service packages through a retainer fee or punch card system, to be able to continuously support everybody. With the purchase of a printer, you automatically get your first Starter package. To make sure you are off to a good start!

- Consulting from field expert (tier 1)
- Consulting general (tier 2)
- 3D Design creation
- Print optimization (slicing and redesign)

Operator on location, daily rates, or project-based pricing is also possible for larger retainers.
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download the inspiration file

To learn more please fill out the below info and download our detailed inspiration file.
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Appreciation from Fellow Innovators
(AKA Our Clients)
I had the pleasure of working with Colossus and The One Project on a factory improvement project.
I can only speak highly of this well-rounded team. The team is highly knowledgeable, they think along and are open minded to experts of other fields.

Together we have been able to make an awesome functional end-product with 3D printing. Not only is the performance of the printed part on par with requirements set by the factory. It was also possible to take along some wishes of the operators and have functionality of the products validated along the way. And it works beautifully.
Daniëlle Glasbergen-Benning Application Development Specialist

Covestro Additive Manufacturing
(previously DSM Additive Manufacturing)
Appreciation from Fellow Innovators
(AKA Our Clients)

“Amazing things happen by collaboration. Partnering with The Rubbish Project is an innovative journey how to redefine end of life with production in mind and stop treating things as waste but treat them as valuable raw material/building blocks for something new.

Or as they say it, if we don’t end waste now we will have a rubbish future”

Jordie Brouwer, Business Development Manager

@ Huhtamaki
Appreciation from Fellow Innovators
(AKA Our Clients)

“They have a true vision on material and sustainability.

The team is very professional and capable.

They deliver what they promise!”

Lu Wang, Business Development Manager
(former DSM AM)

“Reviving waste, redefining sustainability - The One Project, your one-stop-shop for recycling solutions and upcycling initiatives.”