Our method:
the 360° circle.

At The One Project, we believe there no such thing as waste: waste is a resource that should get a new life. In order to achieve this, we are using a 360° circle that fight single use and aims at expending the lifespan of plastic waste. It is an easy process that guarantees traceability at each step of the circle, all the way from plastic waste, through the recycling process, to the final recycled plastic furniture or objects created and delivered back to its original consumers. The 360° circle is a method that guarantees that plastic waste is recycled ethically and locally providing local jobs and helping the local economy.

From waste to great objects

3D Printing powered by The One Project

3D Printing

By using gigantic 3D printing we are taking creativity to the next level. We can make anything with your plastic waste!

Cups Thermoforming icon


We are making the only cup made of 100% recycled PET plastic for events, festivals, concert halls, …

Injection molding icon

Injection molding

If you want to make large series of recycled plastic objects, injection moulding is the way to go


Printed out from recycled waste.

Discover "colossus",
our industrial arm.

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