loomlight titia ex

award-winning sculpture

Scope of the Project : 3D printed World War II Monument designed by Titia Ex for the city of Eindhoven.
The Results: In 2020, the city of Eindhoven commissioned a large scale 3D printed light monument designed by visual artist Titia Ex. The monument is a tribute to Jan Zwartendijk and many other invisible heroes of resistance from the region during the Second World War. The interactive light artwork entitled 'Loom Light' marks 75 years of living in freedom and with a diameter of about 3.50 meters, it fans out from 4.50 meters to almost 6 meters high.

Inside is a 1500kg steel frame that supports the more than 20,000 individually controllable LED lights. The 3D printing work was completed with huge Colossus 3D printers in Belgium, with the assistance of industrial design expertise from OMD3D. The structure was extraordinarily complex, as each piece was unique and yet had to fit together and provide the lighting functions. To complicate matters further, the design had to allow for maintenance workers to access the LEDs and other features inside from time to time.
  • 250 hours to design the work
  • 390 hours of 3D printing on Colossus machines
  • Largest part was 2.6m x 1.5m
  • 450kg of recycled material
  • 20,439 LED lights
A short word from the client:
“The work was challenging, but it really changes shape and moves with you. During the day, the monument reflects the sunlight. In the evening there is a feast of lights referring to the Hanukkah, where the light is ignited by an invisible hand for eight days. It is a tribute to Jan Zwartendijk and the countless invisible people who have worked to save lives.”
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